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two deaths away

the river swept by me with its neighboring trees


I was the forgotten death

wandering around with bodiless families

I resurrected in humane war

I was scared of my skull aline with that shovel

among the scenery approaching

prickly compassion preoccupied with its anxiety

Munch welcomed me

such an opening for me

turns out I was dying too much the plainness I caught

who asks if I am dead or alive

among that scenery I should have stayed


Cezanne knew me

chased in theory role

in the middle of the sky began Brancusi

his bird perched in my time too

he made me do the magnificence closest to him


of what has happened so far

I looked for a way out

I was alone de rigueur

where will I be who will I be


says the one that pierced the scenery

know that it washed ashore

the question awaiting its anger

suddenly became arbitrary

I was a miracle with my sun

suddenly became devoid of days

became undialogued

became devoid of you

went as far as I could

felt unborn

no one along the lines

someone no one

short road none no none yes none

I can rebuild

we were what the world dreamed of

childhood of my emptiness

its broken old piece

piece of its piece

its unbroken last piece

betrayed everything

millennia came down to morrow

suddenly such a sky

suddenly reached the unthought

suddenly unable to feel

unable to touch

ask what will be the first

about everything

whispers and then common

the promise in its equation

ocean sank onto the sun

roaming memories united

suddenly unable to die

unable to reproduce

unable to be perished

unable to be erased

unable to be seen

I said any you to any me

suddenly deemed insignificant

deemed objectless

deemed suddenless

deemed hateless

deemed all alone

pour out from the melody’s tip

go mad hum shine get spilled forget

gone mad shined got spilled forgot

did I touch the unforeseen

got arrhythmic

suddenly became marginalised

she said no war no one

suddenly became nameless

became aimless

became unclear

became bodiless

became unborn

became unpresently

my sky a shaker

she said fight on the unseen stage

suddenly became mute

became countless

unable to be drifted away

unable to cry

unable to remember

I said whatever happens

suddenly became undistanced

unable to be reached

unable to be shown

unable to be encounterd

suddenly calmed down


drank the ocean dumped onto sun its monster recognize

did you not was there your mind reaching everywhere all at

once thru the aimless paths of the disorganizer buried in its

membrane turn on the wiper your inside from your outside

drifting away scattering around among the ones unable to

be courage of your arbitrariness just veered away from the

commandment to be able to be to be able to reproduce to be

able to die I am slipping mountains rubbed mountains two up

one down upside down your buried light damp inside broken

ashes in a sudden tide you were shoved from your pretended

gaze into the unjacked darkness you embraced the blade of

cursed grass in the middle of nowhere to and fro face to face

untie yourself afloat find the feckless play the last game no end

you have no end so that divide the shameless by two by four

by eight how to return on its own now a new gate but you can’t

begin as if nothing happened


ones roaming without leaves ones roaming without soil

searching for the question searching for the monster I am the

one wearing away I am the one coming from above coming

from below I am the one following myself I am the one

crashing into ruffian me


ocean graves ships unable to get away day a repetitive

hammer who puts out a hand crying a little is hard killed

myself very pleased someone new comes along aimless


in the thirst days of the corrupt temptress of distances the

night mated with fear the day-counter from its chain was

thrown from the sailboat drank the ocean dumped onto the

sun who was being swept around in the moonlight while the

wind slept knew the halley’s dust


but that melody ripples among the flower and war

2008            i fell here passing through the meteorites that were stopped for me.

                    you’ve always been here, but not yet aware of me.

2005            the rose that can not blossom in the emptiness.

                    the inside of my exterior has substituted me.

                    and unless tomorrow is adjacent to tonight

                    the opposite of my opposite is next to me. 

2002            the surrounding is urban gray,

                    the surrounding is common fear,

                    the surrounding is people, 

                    borrowed leather is on me.

2001            what was it that the leaf wanted:

                    ember for snow,

                    soil for water,

                    the below that can sense falling,

                    the above that can touch, 

                    a tree with blood circulation,

                    "2" separate firsts for the "1" that can not advance.

                    in the past few days, it seemed like there is no light,

                    is the smell of my leaf withheld even from the bottom of my root?

                    automatic day,

                    be incapable of reducing to yourself.

                    do not be found with me.

                    be incapable of working to advance. 

2000            come and cry from my eyes.

1999            my corner is assigned.

                    I should be able to be seen, believing in my new shape,

                    with the humming noise attached to my future.

1998            if I could be rescued from my darkness,

                    I would not have been able to lose myself,

                    don’t be the visible interior to me,

                    don’t be the noticeable exterior to me.

1998            was I lost in the past where I was able to escape?

                    could you appear there on your own to me,

                    if I could cry further in the past as well?

1998            i am waiting for the move further from myself. 

                    as well as my past with my un-transporting needs;

                    also waiting for me who hasn’t met you yet.

1997            i was expecting to be water from everything;

                    with indistinctive, unnoticeable, unmemorable melting.

                    i was saying that my chains too shall be made of water.

1997            did I move to its bottom while I was collapsing on myself?        

                    could I have been attached to its root?

                    if water and soil is residual,

                    would I have been able to return to myself?

1996            while I was hiding in my root, I was suddenly overset,

                    as I was presenting my self-gnawed state to myself, I stopped.  

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